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Yep, this is part two of the crossover show between my guest Brent Leary's show and my hits/mises video blowout. Brent will take data privacy, and what the data is showing re: enterprise data privacy. Since it's crossover time we'll also pick up on our hybrid events and video discussion, since Brent is the enterprise video master over on his "A few good minutes" show and more.

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Jon went on-site to Conversocial's NYC headquarters for an informal chat with Conversocial CEO Joshua March about the viability of social channels for customer service. March shares what his company has been up to since he and Jon first corresponded and they were a "cool vendor" to watch. Jon shares his social service beefs and March talks about how social customer service shouldn't just be lip service, but lead all the way to resolution. March also speaks to CRM integration, always an issue when you pursue a specialized product.

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In this frank and informal - and informally taped - presentation at Western Mass Podcamp 2014, Jon Reed conducts an interactive discussion regarding the impact of (free) content and the limitations of social medial without such content. The impromptu title of the session was "Create (free) content that matters - before you do any social media". Note: this 40 minute recording is not an "enterprisey" conversation but has content strategy lessons for companies of all sizes. 
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