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At past SAP TechEds, Matthias Steiner and I would typically have spirited bar conversations, or yell at each other on the patio about the keynotes. For SAP TechEd 2021, thanks to Neptune Software's podcast series, we have an informal online version of the same. These are our initial reactions only, taped right after the day two developer keynote. Amongst the topics covered: SAP cloud adoption and RISE, low-code and no-code, role of smaller SAP partners, and of course the free tier developer announcement for SAP BTP. We also talk about whether sustainability resonates, and the future of SAP TechEd. Podcast provided to our channel with kind permission of Neptune Software.

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In the first podcast in this special three part series from SAP TechEd Barcelona 2018, Den Howlett of diginomica talks to SAP's DJ Adams about about how the ABAP community can access and learn new ways to innovate on the SAP Cloud Platform. The guys hit on SAP tutorials and UI development - with Fiori, and beyond into headless development. They discuss SAP's evolution to a more open platform - and the work still to be done. Also check for Den's analysis of SAP TechEd Barcelona on You'll find Jon's prior TechEd Vegas reviews and use cases there as well.

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In this brief instant reaction podcast, Jon talks with SAP Mentor and developer Graham Robinson about his reaction to Bernd Leukert's SAP TechEd keynote. Graham also lays out the developer questions for SAP TechEd he is looking to get answered. 

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In the audio track from from this informal video hangout, Jon Reed of gets the real deal on SAP Fiori and SAP developer engagement with SAP Mentors Graham Robinson and Ethan Jewett. The guys talk about why developer engagement matters to enterprise software companies, and do a gut check on where SAP stands compared to their last report card 15 months ago. 

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​In this impromptu and unscripted discussion, Jon talks with John Appleby and Ethan Jewett about the argument for open sourcing SAP UI5. The discussion hits on key issues with user experience and developer ecosystems that are suddenly center stage not only for SAP, for for most enterprise software vendors.​ There is a video version of this discussion on Jon's YouTube channel.

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